Udor pumps for agricultural machinery

As an official representative of the Italian brand Udor, we offer a wide selection of sprayer pumps. They are distinguished by modern technology, reliability and low failure rate. Udor pumps with various technical parameters are available in our store. Thanks to this, it is possible to select a model with the power adjusted to each agricultural machine.

Reliable and robust Udor pumps
The pump is one of the most important components of agricultural sprayers. Responsible for the efficiency of the machine and the effectiveness of plant protection treatments. The task of the pump is to deliver liquid insecticides or herbicides to the sprayers and agitator, as well as other receivers (induction bowl, washer, etc.).

The robust Udor pumps are a radial-piston diaphragm pump type and work in an oil bath. They are made of high quality materials. Thanks to this, they are distinguished by resistance to adverse factors. Without the risk of damage, they can be mounted in various machines that work with chemicals. The durability of the pumps translates into many years of trouble-free use.

A wide range of Udor pumps with different power and efficiency
When choosing a pump for a sprayer, pay attention to its power. Properly selected, it guarantees the correct working pressure in various ranges. This is essential when spraying crops.

The greater the pump power, the larger the tank can be connected to it. Proper power also affects the efficient operation of other components of the sprayer, e.g. a very long boom and nozzles.

Our store offers a complete range of products from the renowned Udor brand. We provide access to many pump models of different power. We also offer spare parts and accessories for pumps. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment. We guarantee attractive prices.

Find out: Which sprayer pump to choose?

  • Pompa membranowa Omega 139

    Pompa membranowa Omega 139

    Max. 137 l/min

    37  GPM

    50 bar - 725 PSI

    550 RPM

    • 840500
  • Pompa membranowa Omega 170

    Pompa membranowa Omega 170

    Max. 177 l/min

    47  GPM

    50 bar - 725 PSI

    550 RPM

    • 844900
  • Pompa membranowa Beta 110

    Pompa membranowa Beta 110

    Max. 128 l/min

    34 GPM

    50 bar - 725 PSI

    550 RPM

    • 820200
  • Pompa membranowa Beta 150

    Pompa membranowa Beta 150

    Max. 170 l/min

    45 GPM

    50 bar - 725 PSI

    550 RPM

    • 822200
  • Pompa membranowa Beta 200 / 220

    Pompa membranowa Beta 200 / 220

    Max. 218 / 243 l/min

    58/65 GPM

    50 bar - 725 PSI

    550 RPM

    • 835102
    • 835202

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