Precision farming and navigation

Modern agriculture cannot exist without modern technology. No wonder that precision farming is becoming more and more popular among farmers and fruit growers, also in Poland. They run their farms using tools that allow for targeted management of usable agricultural land in line with their needs.

Precision farming - what is it?
Precision farming is computer aided farming where the collection of data on the spatial variation of yields in a given field is of key importance. The mapping of farmland is done thanks to GPS data, and the collected data is used to plan fertilization and plant protection treatments.

Agricultural navigation - an important element of precision farming
Modern precision agriculture uses a number of tools, now available from the Agrotim MRJ. These include satellite navigation, GPS antennas, monitors, viewing systems and other accessories. Their joint operation, based on the accurate identification of the fertility of individual areas of the field, brings significant savings to farmers.

Precision farming - the benefits of implementation
Thanks to precision farming, it is possible to obtain higher-quality crops, reduce production costs and reduce environmental contamination. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of affordable tools and equipment accessories for modern farms. If you have any questions, please contact us!

  • Computers and A-NET system
    Computers and A-NET system
  • Monitors
  • Antennas GPS
    Antennas GPS
  • Preview system
    Preview system
  • Other accessories
    Other accessories

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